The CMDB Imperative

The CMDB Imperative, An Industry Standard

"The CMDB Imperative: How to Realize the Dream and Avoid the Nightmares" is a staple on bookshelves in offices of service management professionals across the globe. Published originally in 2009, it’s forward looking architecture and solution design has withstood the test of time through the advancements of virtualization, cloud computing, and the explosion of an “as a Service” model in IT.

It’s pioneering approach to the challenges of the time have enabled those solutions to stay relevant and in support of the advances in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation (IA), robotic process automation (RPA) and all the latest technologies that require the knowledge & information that the CMDB delivers.

The horror stories of CMDB implementations gone wrong are plentiful, and that’s why Carlos’s book and his advisory are so vital to avoiding being the next victim. His approach is pragmatic and even simplistic at times, ensuring you successfully deliver value, often without ever delivering the CMDB itself. That should pique your curiosity. It’s why organizations from around the world continue to engage the author of the book that sits on every successful SACM professional’s shelf.